About Us

Straight My Teeth™ is  partners  with the one of the largest producers of Clear Braces who hold their own patents. They are approved by FDA and MHRA which distinguishes our stature from other similar trade companies.

The members of our production team either Orthodontists or Technicians are very experienced and competent professional.

Straight My Teeth strictly believes in competency and higher standards thats why our treatment setups are made only by specialised orthodontist team.

Our product fabricated of Essix Raintree supplied by Dentsupply Serona which is Bpa free and medically approved.

Our aligners are manufactured from medically graded biocompatible material and rightfully considered the worlds clearest. Besides all these plus points we are in continuous process to provide the best possible services at best possible prices.

    Registered Office

  • B 101 Commerce House, 14 Washington Street , Cork. Ireland.
  • +35-376-8886628

  • Mon – Sat . 9.00 – 18.00

    Handling Office

  • 210 Commercial Rd, Staines TW18 2QS, United Kingdom
  • +44-178-4469237

  • Mon – Sat . 9.00 AM – 18.00 PM

    Smile Studio

  • Monument Hill, Weybridge
  • Mon – Sat . 9.00 AM – 17.00 PM

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