Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you’ll see the answers to the most common questions we get. If you need more information, please contact us on the numbers and email address in our footer, at the bottom of this page.

We put you in touch with our licensed dentist for your at-home cosmetic teeth straightening treatment. Your journey starts with our free online assessment to check if this is a suitable solution for you. Then by receiving a kit to take your teeth impressions at home. Finally we provide you with your smile projection and treatment plan. When you purchase your treatment, you then receive a series of invisible aligners to wear and change every 2 weeks, until you finally achieve your straighter Dream Smile.

Great News, it’s 60% to 70% cheaper than other aligners and clear braces! Our impression kit together  StraightMyTeeth Smile Projection is €55. This stage is to make sure you are satisfied with the preview results, before you get started and commit any further. After that, the treatment cost is fixed at €1140 (for both top and bottom arches) and includes a set of removable retainers at the end of your treatment.

Please consult the price breakdown on our pricing page. If you pay in one go, the treatment costs you €1140 altogether. But if you choose to pay in instalments, the treatment is payable in 12 monthly instalments of €77.

Yes, the price includes both bottom and top teeth.

We’ll help you take good workable impressions the first time round, by giving you clear instructions both in prints and via our online support. But, if for any reason, your first kit impressions were not good enough, we would then offer you an extra kit, half price. We would also credit you with the purchase of the extra impression kit, once you have purchased your aligner package.

It varies from patient to patient, but it usually takes 9 to 12 months.

Our aligners are manufactured using the latest orthodontic appliances technology for teeth straightening. As such, our dentists and lab technicians are able to create exceptionally clear, comfortable, snug-fit, customised and removable aligners, using state-of-the art softwares and moulding plastics.

You should take them off before eating or drinking, except for drinking water. After every meal, brush and floss your teeth and put your aligners back in. You should ideally be carrying a travel size toothbrush, toothpaste and floss, everywhere with you to be able to brush and floss every time you eat or drink (other than water). But if you are out and about, and this is not possible, rinse your teeth with water before putting your aligners back in, and make sure you brush and floss at the first opportunity. This healthy habit will help you adopting good mouth hygiene, avoid any cavities or irritations and help your treatment go smoothly.

You need to wear your aligners for a minimum of 20 to 22 hours, each day. Basically, the longer they stay in your mouth, the better!

We recommend you get your broken tooth repaired, before starting any aligner treatment. However, it is possible to take impressions and get your aligner treatment with a broken tooth – as long as you don’t get it fixed during your aligner treatment, in effect getting it fixed, after you have completed your aligner treatment. But we recommend you check with your dentist to be on the safe side. In addition, your broken tooth must be strong and stable enough, so there is no risk of it breaking further during treatment, thus requiring a dentist intervention. We would like to stress that we cannot refund aligners because of a lack of preventative dental work.

You may want to rinse your aligners under cool tap water. But for added cleaning benefits, you can clean them daily with Daily Fusion Foam, which will keep your aligners clean, clear and fresh. Simply apply some of the foam inside the aligners, and use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean them. DO NOT use any harsh abrasives or other chemicals. DO NOT use denture cleaners. These cleaners are too harsh and can damage your aligners, by making them brittle or look cloudy.

You should always be up to date with your dental health check-ups. Most dentists recommend a check-up every 6 months. A check-up usually includes x-rays, an examination, cleaning, and an evaluation of your dental health. Your dentist will let you know if any dental work is recommended, and if you have any possible dental issues. This evaluation is important to make sure that you are ready and eligible for any aligner treatment. Feel free to discuss your options for brace or aligner treatment, with your dentist, who can then tell you for sure if your dental health allows for a safe aligner treatment. We also ask that you sign a Consent to Treat and Medical History Form, to make sure you have covered all angles with your dentist. If you require any dental work such as cavities or extractions, you should address this, before taking any impressions.

Our dental team includes dentists and orthodontists, as well as dental technicians, who carefully examine your impressions and photos, to then decide if you are a good candidate. If everything looks good, they create your entire treatment plan, choosing a time span that will safely and comfortably move your teeth into their new, straighter position. However, remember that you need to make sure you are up to date with your dental check-ups, BEFORE you take any impressions and start your aligner journey. Please consult with your dentist before embarking on your aligner treatment, as you need to make sure you are a good candidate for any aligner treatment and don’t suffer with any dental conditions that might rule you out.

Yes absolutely! This is ideal for people who wore braces in the past, especially if they didn’t wear a retainer, and their teeth have now moved back. With this treatment, you also receive a complimentary set of removable retainers (worth £99) at the end of your treatment, to ensure your teeth stay in their new straighter position.

You can submit pictures of your teeth prior to any further steps, and before buying any impression kit. That way, you’ll know straight away if this is for you and you are a good candidate. It’s a bit like a free virtual consultation, and after your free review, you’ll be able to ask any questions to our team, regarding your specific case.

Straight My Teeth solution is for anyone aged 14 and over, with crooked teeth, gaps or narrow arches they would like to improve. Your teeth should be all natural and permanent and your oral health should be satisfactory.

No, you don’t. A dentist will be assigned to you, and will prescribe and supervise your treatment online. That way, it’s less time consuming and more convenient.

Absolutely! You will receive a complimentary set of removable retainers (worth £99) at the end of your treatment to ensure your teeth stay in their new straighter position.

Yes we do and they just cost £150.

Yes. But we offer a second impression kit at half price (normally £49) limited offer, which will get refunded to you when you purchase your aligner treatment. If you decide to go for our One Go Payment, then the cost of your first, and subsequent impression kit, is included.

The treatment is conceived without IPR, so if you are accepted after your free assessment, you won’t require any IPR.

You will be required to upload a copy of your dental records, after you order your Dream Smile kit. If you’ve already visited your dentist within the last 6 months for a routine check-up, then you can contact them and ask for a copy of your records. If not, you can book a routine dental exam with your local dentist, and ask them to take an OPG X-ray of your teeth (if not, small X-rays are fine too) and check your gum levels. The X-rays are to make sure you have no prevalent jaw or root issues, so that your assigned dentist gets a proper look at your teeth and is able to prescribe your treatment remotely. The BPE gum scores check for the presence of gum disease. You can read more about preparing yourself for cosmetic teeth straightening at home and what the recommendations are here and

Our aligners are made of Raintree Essix plastic, supplied by Dentsply Sirona, which are BPA-free and medically approved. They are manufactured from medically graded biocompatible material, which makes them the world’s clearest and the most stain resistant. And, as we are constantly looking to give you the best service, at the best price, you will always get great value!

Our policies are user-friendly as much as possible, as we want our customers to buy with confidence. Once you have purchased your impression kit and returned your impressions to us, our team of experts then determines if you are suitable for the treatment. If you are not a good candidate, a refund in full is issued to you, without delay. If you are a good candidate, after having received your impressions, we provide you with your treatment preview and smile projection, which you need to approve. If at this point, having already approved and paid for your treatment, you were to decide you did not wish to proceed anymore; we would then keep the impression kit charges (£55), incurred to create your treatment preview and smile projection. We would then issue you with a refund for the remaining amount, if you have already opted for either payment options (pay monthly or One Go Payment). That is on the condition that we have not already started manufacturing your aligners, and a refund at this point is not possible.